Who are the Jinn? (QUICK REFERENCE)

In the Name of the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Allah…

This is a list of references that prove the humanity of the Jinn and refutes the deception of fiery spirit entities who are invisible and can communicate through telepathy. The Jinn are best identified by matching the traits listed in the Qur’an to the people we see today.


72.Surah Al-Jinn (Verse 11)
وَأَنَّا مِنَّا الصَّالِحُونَ وَمِنَّا دُونَ ذَٰلِكَۖ كُنَّا طَرَائِقَ قِدَدًا

And among us are the righteous, and among us are [others] not so; we were [of] divided ways.

Verify all info for yourself.

Jinn in the Qur’an (Quick Reference)

Jinn and Nasi points to ponder:

(bashīran) Herald: Surah 2:119, 5:19, 7:188, 11:2, 12:96, 34:28, 35:24, 41:4

Herald: A person who carries or proclaims important news; a messenger.

(mubashirātin) one who heralds/one who bears good news: Surah 30:46

They are people bringing good news (bashru: Surah 2:97) as directed by Allah (Surah 2:25, 2:119, 2:213); they are still humans.

Good news: (bashru)
One who brings good news: (mubashiratin)
Bringer of good news: (bashiran)

Muhammad (pbuh) was given the Quran as good news (bushra) to the believers. Surah 2:97

Humans (bashar) are the good creation of Allah; all in the heavens and the earth are made subject to us by the leave of Allah. He altered us and made us good:

“We created them, and We strengthened their joints; and, when We will, We shall exchange their likes.” Surah 76:28

“Say: Journey in the land, then behold how He originated creation; then Allah causes the second growth to grow; Allah is powerful over everything,” Surah 29:19-20

“Believers, guard yourselves and your families against a Fire whose fuel is Nasi and stones (waalhijaratu), and over which are harsh, terrible angels who disobey not God in what He commands them and do what they are commanded.” Surah 66:6

The only human beings made of stone are among the fossils of prehistoric man, still found today.

“And if you do not — and you will not — then fear the Fire, whose fuel is nasi and stones (waalhijaratu), prepared for unbelievers.” Surah 2:24

“They say, ‘What, when we are bones and broken bits, shall we really be raised up again in a new creation?’

Say: ‘Let you be stones (hijaratan), or iron, or some creation yet more monstrous in your minds!’ Then they will say, ‘Who will bring us back?’ Say: ‘He who originated you the first time.’ Then they will shake their heads at thee, and they will say, ‘When will it be?’ Say: ‘It is possible that it may be nigh, on the day when He will call you, and you will answer praising Him, and you will think you have but tarried a little.’” Surah 17:49-52


Subjected (sakhara): Surah 13:2, 14:32-33, 16:12-14, 21:79, 22:36-37, 22:65, 29:61, 31:20, 31:29, 35:13, 38:18, 38:36, 39:5, 43:13, 45:12-13, 67:15, 69:7

“It is He who made the earth subjected to you; therefore walk in its tracts, and eat of His provision; to Him is the Uprising.” Surah 67:15

“It is He who subjected to you the sea, that you may eat of it fresh flesh, and bring forth out of it ornaments for you to wear; and thou mayest see the ships cleaving through it; and that you may seek of His bounty, and so haply you will be thankful.” Surah 16:14

“Hast thou not seen how that God has subjected to you all that is in the earth and the ships to run upon the sea at His commandment, and He holds back heaven lest it should fall upon the earth, save by His leave? Surely God is All-gentle to men, All-compassionate.” Surah 22:65

The Jinn are Gentiles; the human race created before Adam (pbuh). Allah gives description of them in the Quran:

Jinn as Synapsida: Surah 27:10-12, 7:107, 26:32, 20:20

“Cast down thy staff.’ And when he saw it quivering like a serpent (jānnun) he turned about, retreating, and turned not back. ‘Moses, fear not; surely the Envoys do not fear in My presence, save him who has done evil, then; after evil, has changed into good; All-forgiving am I, All-compassionate. ” Surah 27:10

Jinn are Christians – Byzantines – who accepted the Quran: Surah 2:62, 5:69, 22:17, 37:58, 72:1-18

Only Roman Catholic and Orthodox Greeks call Allah ‘Heavenly Father’. Surah 37:158

The Jinn are descended from the Sabines – the primogenitors of the Romans. Just as the Birds are descended from Canaanites – the primogenitors of the Phoenicians/Greeks.

Look them up. You will still find the two-headed bird of the Byzantine Empire in Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. (As well as used by the Yahud who fled Russia and settled in America.)

Jinn are Yahudians – Persians – who accepted the Quran: Surah 2:102, 22:17, 46:29-30

The Persians are the offspring of the mixing of Bani Israel with the Jinn around the Caucasus Mountains. Reread the parable of Dhul-Qarnain, and look to the mountain range near the Caspian Sea where the Wall of Derbent still stands. These are the Babylonian Magi who infiltrated the Bani Israel and taught them Kabbalah – the Tree of Life used to tempt Adam (pbuh).

Look up Caucasian origins, Zoroastrian Magi, Dhul-Qarnain and the Wall of Derbent, and origins of Kabbalah and the sigil ‘YHWH’.

Jews and Christians are polytheists: Surah 2:105, 2:120, 2:135, 2:140, 3:67, 3:95, 3:151, 3:186, 5:82, 6:106, 6:137, 6:161, 9:31-33, 10:105, 16:120, 22:17, 98:1-6

Jinn are foreigners among Nasi: Surah 6:128-131, 22:17, 34:12-13, 7:38, 7:179

‘Ajam’ – Foreigner/Barbarian: Surah 16:103, 41:44, 26:198

Roman-Persian wars: Surah 30:2-4, 105:1-5

It is the nature of Gentiles to embrace polytheism. We see this in the pagan beliefs upheld throughout history.

The Quran is first Book sent for Jinn: Surah 2:151, 3:164, 3:186, 3:199, 4:47, 4:113, 4:131, 4:136, 5:5, 5:48, 6:156-157, 10:94, 13:38, 28:52, 29:48, 34:40-44, 41:44, 42:52, 43:19-21, 46:29-32, 57:16, 62:2, 72:1-18

“We have not given them any Books to study, nor have We sent them before thee any warner.” Surah 34:44

Jinn created before Nasi of a released, scorching fire (Big Bang intense heat): Surah 15:27, 55:15
“And He created (Wakhalaqa) the jinn of (aljanna min) release (marijin) of fire (min narin).” Surah 55:15

“and the jinn created We before of fire scorching (alssamoomi).” Surah 15:27

Let forth/release (maraja): Surah 25:53, 55:19

“He released (Maraja) the two seas that meet together,” Surah 55:19

“And it is He who released (maraja) the two seas, this one Sweet, grateful to taste, and this salt, bitter to the tongue, and He set between them a barrier, and a ban forbidden.” Surah 25:53

The Nasi are the ‘Hebrew’ tribe, but without the Jewish connotation. They were the primogenitors for the off-shoots of Bani Israel and other semitic nations today. Remember: Allah revealed to the Tribes after they scattered in the earth. Surah 2:136, 3:84, 4:163, 7:160

“Hast thou not seen how that Allah sends down out of heaven water, and therewith We bring forth fruits of diverse hues? And among (wamina) the mountains (aljibali) streak (judadun) white (beedun) and donkey-red (wahumrun), of diverse hues, and raven (wagharabeebu) black (soodun). And among (wamina) men (alnnasi), and beasts (waalddawabbi) and cattle (waal-anAAami) — diverse are their hues. Even so only those of His servants fear Allah who have knowledge; surely Allah is All-mighty, All-forgiving.” Surah 35:27-28

The word for Nasi is still found in the Bible, which is why most translate (khalif) as ‘viceroy’ instead of ‘successor’;

Hebrew ‘nasi’ נָשִׂיא: president, prince, ruler
Lev. 4:22, Eze. 44:2-18, Ezra 1:8

The Islamist scholars strive to continue to uphold additions of man from the previous Books – as upheld by their hadith written by those who infiltrated the deen.

By upholding only the ‘Hebrew’ lineage (ie: The Jews) are the real ‘man’, they keep those not of their ‘ancestry’ as below man. But the joke is on them: The seed of Adam (pbuh) has spread into the bloodlines of the Gentiles.

Allah states clearly Nasi are made from the seed of another people.

“Thy Lord is All-sufficient, Merciful. If He will, He can put you away, and leave after you, to succeed you (wayastakhlif), what He will, as He produced you from the seed (dhurriyyati) of another (ākharīna) people (qawmin).” Surah 6:133

He even gives details how Adam (pbuh) was made.

“He is the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible, the All-mighty, the All-compassionate, Who has created all things well. And He originated the creation of humans (al-insani) of clay (min teenin), then He fashioned his descendant (naslahu) of an extraction (sulalatin) of low (maheenin) water (ma-in), then He shaped (sawwahu) him, and breathed His spirit (roohihi) in him. And He appointed for you hearing, and sight, and hearts; little thanks you show.” Surah 32:6-9

There is only one Nasi spoken of in the Quran who was shaped and had Allah’s ruh breathed into him – Adam (pbuh): Surah 15:29, 32:9, 38:72

If all human beings sprung from the joining of one couple, Allah would not make distinction between the bloodline of the Prophets (pbut), as we all would be from the seed of Adam (pbuh).

(dhurriyyatī) offspring: Surah 2:124, 2:128, 2:266, 3:34, 3:36, 3:38, 4:9, 6:84, 6:87, 6:133, 7:172, 7:173, 10:83, 13:38, 14:37, 14:40, 17:3, 17:62, 18:50, 19:58, 29:27, 36:41, 37:77, 37:113, 46:15, 52:21, 57:26

Seed of Adam: Surah 3:33, 6:83-87, 7:172, 17:2-3, 19:58. 57:26

“We have honoured the Children of Adam and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and preferred them greatly over many of those We created.” Surah 17:70

“That is Our argument, which We bestowed upon Abraham as against his people. We raise up in degrees whom We will; surely thy Lord is All-wise, All-knowing.

And We gave to him Isaac and Jacob — each one We guided, And Noah We guided before; and of his seed (dhurriyyatihi) David and Solomon, Job and Joseph, Moses and Aaron — even so We recompense the good-doers — Zachariah and John, Isa and Elias; each was of the righteous; Ishmael and Elisha, Jonah and Lot – each one We preferred above all beings; and of their fathers, and of their seed (wadhurriyyātihim), and of their brethren (wa-ikh’wānihim); and We elected them, and We guided them to a straight path.” Surah 6:83-87

“And We gave Moses the Book, and made it a guidance to the Children of Israel: ‘Take not unto yourselves any guardian apart from Me.’ The seed (dhurriyyata) of those We bore with Noah; he was a thankful servant.” Surah 17:2-3

“These are they whom God has blessed among the Prophets of the seed (dhurriyyati) of Adam, and of those We bore with Noah, and of the seed (dhurriyyati) of Abraham and Israel, and of those We guided and chose. When the signs of the All-merciful were recited to them, they fell down prostrate, weeping.” Surah 19:58

“And We sent Noah, and Abraham, and We appointed the Prophecy and the Book to be among their seed (dhurriyyatihimā); and some of them are guided, and many of them are ungodly.” Surah 57:26

Clear proof the creation of Homo-Sapien began before Adam, but was perfected – made good – by Allah by evolving (masnoonin – root: sunnah/way) Adam (pbuh).

Nasi created of cracked clay (salsalin) from mud (hama-in) altered (masnoonin – root: sunnah/way): Surah 15:26, 15:28, 15:33, 55:14

There were white people, black people, and red people before Adam (pbuh). But we are all Nasi now, as the Homo-Sapien lineage is now dominant; it is in everyone’s DNA. The only remnant of the Jinn lies in those who have Caucasian DNA.

August 23, 201
Among those who have Caucasian DNA are the Bedouins. Look it up for scientific evidence, but first let us look to the Quran:

The Quran was sent in the language of the people: Arabic. Surah 12:2, 20:113, 41:3, 41:44, 42:7, 43:3

Muhammad was raised from among his own people: Surah 2:143, 2:151, 3:164, 9:128, 23:32 (Allah does not change His way), 62:2

“Thus We appointed YOU a midmost nation that YOU might be witnesses to THE NASI (alnnasi), and that THE MESSENGER might be a witness to YOU; and We did not appoint the direction thou wast facing, except that We might know who followed the Messenger from him who turned on his heels — though it were a grave thing save for those whom God has guided; but God would never leave your faith to waste – truly, God is All-gentle with the people, All-compassionate.” Surah 2:143

“as also We have sent among you, of yourselves, a Messenger, to recite Our signs to you and to purify you, and to teach you the Book and the Wisdom, and TO TEACH YOU THAT YOU KNEW NOT.” Surah 2:151

“It is He who has raised up from among the unlettered (al-ommiyyeena) a Messenger FROM AMONG THEM, to recite His signs to them and to purify them, and to teach them the Book and the Wisdom, though before that they were in manifest error,” Surah 62:2

Muhammad was a Messenger from among the unlettered – those without knowledge of the Book. Surah 2:78, 3:20, 3:75, 7:157-158, 62:2

The Quran was the first Book sent to the Jinn; they were given no Book prior to the Quran.

The Quran was sent for all nations, all beings. Surah 3:108, 6:90, 12:104, 21:107, 25:1, 38:87, 68:52, 81:27, 34:28, 7:158, 33:40, 4:170, 47:33, 4:80, 61:9, 21:107, 4:79-80

The Quran speaks to the Nasi and Jinn in the time of Muhammad (pbuh), reminding them of the benefits given to them by Allah. But Allah warns throughout He will bequeath it to a people who would uphold it should they turn away. Surah 9:39, 11:57, 21:11, 44:28, 47:38

“But if you turn your backs, I have delivered to you that I was sent with unto you, and my Lord will make a people other than you successors; you will not hurt Him anything. My Lord is Guardian over everything.'” Surah 11:57

And He has.

Muhammad (pbuh) was a Jinn – a Gentile – with blood-ties to the Nasi – the Hebrew line of Adam (pbuh).

If you can prove me wrong, I look forward to hearing from you.
If not, insha’Allah, you will be able to use this knowledge – given to me by Allah as all power is due to Him – in your debate.

May Allah increase the believers in knowledge.


Credit goes to a man named ‘Dāhikatun Rajilun’ who sent this to me. Verify it for yourself.




One thought on “Who are the Jinn? (QUICK REFERENCE)

  1. I never believed spooks, ghosts and the like,I even go as far to say that it is ridiculous to believe in a spook God as well….When he describes himself in anthropomorphic terms in the Quran, but I digress. Jinn being Caucasian, is not my first time reading that from and author, but Muhammad being Jinn thus Caucasian is new to me….

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